Do you want to make sure that when you go away on holidays that your precious family member is well cared for and looked after as if they are having their own holiday?

Our indoor accommodation, is safe and secure as it is monitored 24 hours a day which means that you can rest assured that your dog is being well looked after.

We even offer a special room service menu with special drinks, meals and even desserts available as a special vacation treat.

We also have our partnered vet on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week so if a problem does arise help is going to be close at hand.

Whether your dog is staying as a guest for one night or many nights they are also invited to be our day care guest as well meaning that they get to run around like crazy getting lots of dog social playtime (as well as skilled human supervision) all day so they can sleep better at night as they will be more relaxed.

So that you know that your dog is not being left in a kennel all day only being let out to stretch their legs once or twice a day. 

Why use us to look after your dog?

Is your dog going to be continually looked after for the duration of their stay by a pet sitter or in house minder, what happens if they go to work or to the shops?

Is their yard secure in case your dog suddenly turns into an escape artist?

Do you know where your dog will be sleeping?

Is their a vet on call or nearby if something was to happen?

How do you know that they won't leave your dog in their yard to take their own dog out for a walk?

Training can also be arranged for you whilst your dog is here, meaning that we can cater for your dogs needs in the one location saving you time and energy when you should be relaxing and focusing on your holiday!



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