We understand that life these day's is hectic but your dog is still a very important member of the family and sometime's life gets in the way of being able to give your dog the attention that they crave and deserve from you so this is why we are here to help.

We look after your dog while you go to work, go shopping, day trips away or even when you are having renovations or work done around your house.

We give them lots of opportunity to run around and play in a safe and secure environment and do dog things of course.

Dogs are social creatures and thrive in having other dogs around them to play with. Playing also stimulates and enriches their brain meaning that not only have they have worked out their entire bodies by running around playing but they are also working on their minds, leaving you with a tired dog at the end of the day. By giving the dogs and outlet that they can channel their energy into it means that your washing gets to dry on the line and not thrown around the backyard and you don't have to fill in craters in your yard when you get home from work (Because there is nothing more relaxing than doing this after a long day at work)! And your furniture stays intact (I am not guaranteeing that it will be in the same spot as where you left it though)!

Our centre with over 250m2 of space has been themed to create a bright, happy and fun atmosphere, with an outdoors feel and dog friendly play equipment throughout featuring bubble machines, large screen TV and plenty of toys and obstacles along with scent activities for their great sense of smell to stimulate their minds

We have 3 large indoor areas with incorporated cooling misting systems for the dogs to play in as well as a large outdoor area featuring our custom dog swimming pool with dock with shade for them cool down and release energy.


We also have 5 time out areas where over excited, recovering or elderly dogs can relax and chill away from the main groups.

All areas are fully supervised by experienced staff and our centre has over 20 high definition cameras constantly recording and monitored for complete peace of mind.

Our daycare runs from 7am to 6.30 pm Monday to Friday with full and half days available. We have have a number a packages available to reduce costs for multiple visits and multiple dogs.



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